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“Nitrogen is essential for life”
“EU nitrogen experts have joined forces to promote efficient nitrogen use in food production”
“The ambition is to encourage best use of nitrogen to mitigate threats to our health and the environment”


Key actors from the science, policy and industry communities across Europe have established the EU Nitrogen Expert Panel. The general objective of the Expert Panel is to contribute to improving Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) in food systems in Europe, through


 (i) communicating a vision and strategies on how to improve NUE in food systems in Europe;


(ii) generating new ideas, and recommending effective proposals and solutions; and by


(iii) acting as referee in controversial issues, and by communicating as authority.


The Panel gathered for the first time in Windsor, United Kingdom on 15-16 September 2014, and agreed on a definition of NUE as an indicator for crop production at national scale. There were 12 experts from science, 4 from policy and 3 from industry. They came from 9 EU countries. The second panel met in Paris on the 10-11-12th June 2015 with the third meeting in Amsterdam the 4th December 2015.


The Press Release and Final Report can be found by clicking the highlighted text.


Pierre Bascou, EU Commission DG Agri

Gilles Billen, Jussieu University

Jan Willem Erisman, Louis Bolk Institute

Hans Van Grinsven, PBL

Michael Hamell, Dublin University

Tassos Haniotis, EU Commission DG Agri

Lars Stoumann Jensen, Copenhagen University

Joachim Lammel, YARA

Claudia Olazabal, EU Commission DG Environment

Wieslaw Oleszek, IUNG Institute

David Powlson, Rothamsted

Achim Dobermann, Rothamsted

Mark Sutton, CEH

Miguel Quemada, Technical University of Madrid

Tara Garnett, Oxford University

Wilfried Winiwarter, IIASA

Jon Hillier, Aberdeen University

Max Schulman, COPA COGECA

Giampero Genovese, EU Commission JRC

Fertilizers Europe

The EU Nitrogen Expert Panel is constituted of:

  • 12 scientists
  • 4 Officials & Policy makers
  • 3 Representatives of the industry
  • 2 Invited experts






Oene Oenema, Wageningen University


Tassos Haniotis, DG Agriculture




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